The rules of aBlockz

aBlockz Rules

These rules apply for the forum, Lava survival, Zombie Survival, and the Map Server.

I. Respect others
a. Always be nice and friendly to each other.
b. Always listen to staff.
c. No racism or discrimination, threats, or personal attacks of any kind.
d. No flaming, inciting hatred, or instigating flame bait.
e. Do not bully other players by threatening to get them banned.

II. Respect yourself
a. Do use proper language and keep profanity to a bare minimum.
b. Do not blockspam.
i. Blockspam is randomly placing multiple blocks. Pillaring nonstop is considered blockspam.
c. Do not grief or spleef other players.
i. Griefing is destroying other player's blocks. Spleefing is destroying the block under someone.
d. Building Swastikas, genitalia, or profanity is grounds for a Permban.
e. Do not beg (for likes, reputation, ranks, priviledges, or money).
f. Don't advertise other servers.

III. Additional Forum Rules.
a. Do not post useless comments on forum threads.
i. Pointless comments are subject to deletion. This includes posts with only a few words, or no real point or meaning.
b. Don't make a new topic if a topic is closed about the topic.
c. Don't revive old threads that have not been locked.
i. The only exception is if you have a signifigant addition to make to the thread.
d. Don't register a false username or one that looks like another person/impersonates another person.
e. When posting on the forums, keep the unique fonts and colors to a minimum.
i. For signatures, refer to this thread here.
f. Use a prefix when possible, and make sure to post in the correct subforum.

IV. Additional Server Rules.
a. ClassicalSharp and the ClassiCube client are the only accepted clients.
b. No hacks (Except for on the map server, or OP+ on Lava and Zombie).
c. Do not use Trusted/OP/Admin titles.
i. Claiming to be staff is not okay.
d. Do not spam the chat.
i. Spamming the chat is subject to being muted.

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