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    The server is 1.3.1 ready and online.
    The online minecraft will now ask if you want to upgrade to 1.3.1.

    Due the new version release a few plugins still need to be updated to 1.3.1.
    Therefor are the following plugins not available:
    • Paintball
    • Clans
    • Shop
    • Jail
    These plugins will be added later.

    The server still needs to be fine-tuned during the following days.
    Expect the server not to be 100% bug free.

    The donator rank will be active during the next following days.
    More info will be placed about this.

    The download link of the old world (before the apocalypse):

    It's now possible to enter play.ablockz.org as IP to join the server.
    • andreas New Member

      it doesnt login to the server because i have 1.3.1 how do i play the game with the new version
      • andreas New Member

        sr i have 1.2.5 :p
        • brnadonl3git New Member

          its just white screen for me
          • maxi9030 New Member

            It wont load it just white screens wtf? how do i fix this please
            brnadonl3git likes this.
            • ExTr3m3R New Member

              lol V1.3.1 is awesome :D and have no mods :p
              • ipodryan New Member

                how do i download new version?
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                _Ultima_ Management

                • supercraft2001 New Member

                  same for me i cant get onto minecraft its just a white screen
                  if you know how to fix this problem plz tell us as soon as possible

                  (i cant wait very long lol):)
                  • ipodryan New Member

                    nope it still wont work its still just a white screen
                    • ipodryan New Member

                      i wanna play minecraft :(
                      • Management

                      _Ultima_ Management

                      • kimi101 Member

                        mine sys in the corner " Error Click For Details " ;(
                        • DragoOT9 New Member

                          It is not working I updated Java it still says run this time and i click it and all it shows me is a white screen and i have updated java.
                          • rocketlauchers New Member

                            NO ONE should cheat on single player -.-
                            • Sloopman Member

                              It's still not working for me. (Yes, I updated Java)
                              • warlordofhell103 New Member

                                it not working i updated java it just shows java loading then it turn into a blank screen:( help. what should i do
                                • supercraft2001 New Member

                                  i have updated java and its still only a white screen
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