Ablockz Smp 1.3.1

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by _Ultima_, 7/8/12.

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    • SamZane New Member

      Nice i will enjoy the rain!
      • minecraftzap New Member

        I didnt know that TNT rain exist!! Well goodbye home!! :p
        • minecraftzap New Member

          Wait so it's goodbye for Minecraft 1.2.5? :(
          • Head OP

          Lyss Head OP

          Lol it was quite fun. Cept when ult turned my home to WOOD! SO IT BURNED?! pfft -.-
          ah well... helloooooo 1.3! :D
          • msg_duke New Member

            It wont let me log in in to the sever on both ip addresses whats the problem?
            • joshhawaii Active member

              Is your minecraft client updated to 1.3.1 for the new server?
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            Not open for further replies.