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    _Ultima_ Management

    I was digging through my archives and i found this marble.
    I thought let me place it online again :)
    • anatoliy0813 Lava trusted

      It's unreal to see this forum back up after more than 5 years of being gone. I hope to see more old ablockz members coming back for a visit. Thanks _Ultima_ for bringing it back! There were a lot of great memories from this community.
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      _Ultima_ Management

      I closed everything to prevent replying to 5 years old stuff.
      Site seems to be broken here and there.. i got the avatars partially working again.

      It's weird to see that some users have changed their username. They reverted back to the steve avatar on the forum.
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      chrixter Lava OP

      Found myself randomly searching some old terms. Didn’t expect all of this to come through. Really does bring back memories haha

      Hope you all are doing well 5 years later!
      • Coaster144 Lava trusted

        Lots of memories were made here. I still miss lava survival
        • cucubot New Member

          so err... i miss classic heh
          - Double post -
          Seriously though I'm happy that even after 5 years, part of the ablockz community still check the remnants of this place every so often. i am currently attempting to check if any old players have migrated to current mc communities like hypixel etc. good luck w/ all of ya!
          • tines552 New Member

            Welcome back man, missed ablockz alot.
            • WorldShowOFF New Member

              Wow! can't believe that!
              Is there a chance for ablockz return in cc?
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              jetsdude840 Lava OP

              This is too cool
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              nahkoots Lava OP

              Glad to see this place up again! Had to do a double take when the page loaded to make sure I wasn't on the Wayback Machine. Anyone have a copy of the classic server files? I still have a couple of old SMP worlds if someone wants them.
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              _Ultima_ Management

              Too bad i can't find the original server files.
              • tines552 New Member

                We could start an all new Ablockz server in classic cube ^^
                MCDzienny does most of the work for you anyway iirc.
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                _Ultima_ Management

                @Spazzer Do you still have a backup of the original server files laying around somewhere?
                (i hope he reads this)
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                _Ultima_ Management

                @Stuwie123 I heard you were running a old version of aBlockz a couple of years ago. Do you still have it? :)
                (also hopes he reads this)
                • MasterlazorX New Member

                  @_Ultima_ Not sure if they are active anymore sadly. But I am running a server LS/Freebuild that was inspired by your server and I've been making it closer like yours by watching YT videos like the custom messages.

                  But I don't really think mine would stay faithful to aBlockz, so I really do hope that you find the original server files at some point!
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                  _Ultima_ Management

                  I was thinking.. i reinstalled the OS of the server so my dad can use it but he never did.
                  Maybe i can recover some files..

                  I know what i am going tonight. :D
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                  _Ultima_ Management

                  Interesting story:
                  I hooked up the hard disk of the server to my main pc.
                  While i was downloading the software to recover lost files i noticed that my harddisk was almost full.

                  So i thought maybe i can move some files to my other hard disk.. I opened the other disk and the dropbox icon caught my attention. Since i transferred all my stuff from dropbox years ago i couldn't help myself to open it.

                  Hmm all my old files where still there, since dropbox wasn't running anymore it never deleted the files locally.
                  Guess what i found! :D

                  The full backup of all the minecraft servers + databases!
                  Guess i will be spending some time to fix the lava server.
                  • Bacon New Member

                    so who remembers boomshot555 xd, also good to see yall again
                    • Lava OP

                    arvid115 Lava OP

                    Yep, great to see some people back from 2012 again, long time has passed since... would be really fun if this could actually become a thing again! This server played a big role during a part of my childhood, would love to get to relive the experience!
                    • __Bacon__ New Member

                      Is there a way to change my forum username, not sure why I have this as my username. Been so long