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    _Ultima_ Management

    I installed a downvote system on the forums.
    With this you can downvote a improper thread.

    When they are enough votes the thread will be deleted out of sight.
    Note that forum moderators can still see this thread.

    You find the button on the top of the page next to "watch thread".
    • Warren2020202 Active member

      *down-votes this thread to test it out*
      Watch that happen with most people. xD Sounds pretty cool though.
      • Stitchnlilo Active member

        Would it possible to downvote comments in the near future? For instances with people who have no place commenting on reports and unban appeals?
        • Lava OP

        nahkoots Lava OP

        The system was deleted over a month ago and the thread is getting derailed. Would you mind locking it?
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