[lava Server] Reporting Syxtus, Thelegend66, Darky64

Discussion in 'Player reports' started by iD_, 16/8/18.

    • iD_ New Member

      Name of user
      syxtus, thelegend66, Darky64

      On which server did this happen?
      Lava server

      What happend?
      1. Darky64 just being disrespectful and annoying to me
      2. thelegend66 being inappropiate
      3. syxtus insulting people and talking about inappropiate stuff, that may make people unconfortable (i did get unconfortable)

      Do you have screenshots of what happend?
      • Head OP

      Darkraven6252 Head OP

      No punishment for now, but if they keep it up and you're on, throw another report at us. There's a limit to this kind of behavior. They were being weird and distasteful, but it wasn't directed at you for the most part. If it gets worse, let us know again.