Long Live..

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    As you can guess based on the activity on the site it has been rather quiet.
    The SMP and classic server were getting a minimum amount of players so i decided to pull the plug. (again)

    Some players are still active on discord so join us and to say Hi! :)

    @nahkoots is running a copy of the ablockz classic lava server.
    • anatoliy0813 Lava trusted

      Understandable! All good things come to an end. As we grow up we have other priorities in life. Ablockz community will always be in our memories.

      Several years ago i collected all ablockz videos on youtube that i could scavenge and made a playlist collection. For those feeling nostalgic, here's the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrMlKGW49cgt2EsBsQ5Rv8UrJJ-pQIidP