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    This is the new aBlockz website :)

    Since this website is made with other software u need to re-register.
    All OP's have a pre-made account, simply click on forgot password to request a new one.

    The survival server isn't done yet.
    U will know when it's done ;)

    Any problems can be posted on the old site.
    I will redirect the old site next week.

    (If u register, the confirm email can end up in your spam folder..)
    • xMlNECRAFTx Member

      Good Job on the new site :D
      • I_WOLFHOUND_I New Member

        Yeah, love it.
        • Head OP

        CauseNoGrief Head OP

        Good job on the new site :cheer:
        Simple, easier navigation, still checking out most of the other features.
        • Lava OP

        DIE_noob Lava OP

        Is there a search button? if not can you make one?
        • Management

        _Ultima_ Management

      Thread Status:
      Not open for further replies.