Restoring Lava Server

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by _Ultima_, 13/6/18.

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    _Ultima_ Management

    I am working on restoring the original lava server.
    Stay tuned.
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    _Ultima_ Management


    See below.
    • Lava OP

    arvid115 Lava OP

    Wow, is this actually gonna be a thing? If so, I'm really hyped to get back! Just got a message from a friend who really wanted to play on this lava survival server again, he'll probably be excited to hear it might be coming back!
    • Coaster144 Lava trusted

      If this happens, count me playing! From times I get thinking about how awesome it would to play lava again.
      • MasterlazorX New Member

        Me too! Also, for some reason, i see your server on the list but i can't join it. I assume you're still working on it?
        • Lava OP

        chrixter Lava OP

        T'was wondering if you could provide me with OP on the server, was going to PM you but unfortunately I couldn't find a way to on here. Thanks very much
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        _Ultima_ Management

        It should work? I will look into it tonight.

        Yea some weird stuff is going on with the site.

        Tonight bug fix night it seems..
        I was thinking about converting to mcGalaxy but the config is a bit limited..
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        _Ultima_ Management

        Can someone try to start a PM?

        Thanks @chrixter
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        _Ultima_ Management

        So new to-do list:

        - Fix website avatars
        * Email everyone again (4k users) (made a typo in DNS, need to wait 48hours.)
        * Make own heartbeat to update widget with server info on site
        - override /reveal to make it work on lava

        - fix custom commands
        - override /ban
        - override /color

        - Update heavens map
        - only change sand behavior
        - Add lava state?
        - Change reward system

        * = optional
        • alexchickenboy New Member

          Wow, It's been so long since I last played this. Thanks _Ultima_ for restoring some memories!