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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by _Ultima_, 27/4/12.

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    _Ultima_ Management

    Don't make a house out of trees?
    Or wait a time peroid before making a other tree.

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    _Ultima_ Management

    I only checked /tree because someone mentioned it.
    If i check /wall or /line wall i am pretty sure i can ban all the epicssurvivors+
    Making trees is the least command that you use to defend yourself against lava.

    I tought that Ultimatesurvivors could handle it, guess i was wrong.
    You guys keep yelling why i am removing commands.
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    _Ultima_ Management

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    _Ultima_ Management

    1. Age varies from 2 months to 1 day.
    I gave older logs more mercy. (otherwise i could ban alot more)

    2. U know better not to spam/abuse commands.

    3.Warnings don't help, u guys think you can get away with it again and again.
    I have seen this a bunch of times, even sometimes when i warned someone and i logged out, he did it again.
    And i am not talking about guests, i am talking about Ultimatesurviors.

    4. See 3.

    There are rules for a reason.
    If you guys keep ignoring them and this continues i might as well shutdown the server.
    I have been fairly easy about the rules so far.
    • giftsh0p New Member

      well i know what command i wont be using when i get the last rank :LOL
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      • israphial Member

        Good God. This is getting rediculous.
        @_Ultima_ READ the "ads" PM between me and you. You have yet to answer my most important question there. Are you avoiding it?
        I must say that I have always tried to stay by your side on topics like these ultima, but...this is getting out of hand.
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        • israphial Member

          When /drill got out of hand, you didn't go around banning everybody. You removed it. And no more problems were caused. Well, wtf. Why now are you banning a LOT of GOOD, honest players of our community because of something like this? I really just don't get it.

          Do you not see that you are inadvertently ripping apart this community because of this? I mean, for God's sake! They are placing TREES!

          I have tried to see and observe both sides of this issue, and I am sorry, but I simply cannot agree with what you have done here, ultima. I know you probably don't care that I don't agree, but try to recognize and respect it...
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          • Lava OP

          DIE_noob Lava OP

          I respect ultima alot i just think that he should have some slack.. you didnt even tell us anything.. i made houses out of tree's too.. i wish you would have atleast pm us or something.. told us that we should stop planting trees before you banned us all..
          • israphial Member

            This part of Inno's post really struck me as brutally...true.
            "You treat some of the greatest members of one of the greatest minecraft classic groups as expendable and are destroying YOUR OWN legacy."
            • Lava OP

            Mr_Mildew Lava OP

            I must say.. I agree.
            • Atlantis164 Lava trusted

              That's right.
              All these people who played on this awesome server, who spend hours and hours in it to got a better level, are now banned. Not all of them, but a great majority. Inno is totaly right..:(
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              • israphial Member

                @DIE_noob according to ultima, you WERE warned. Idk when he warned everybody about it, but whatever.
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                • Atlantis164 Lava trusted

                  All levels resettet to 0..horrible..:(
                  • Lava OP

                  DIE_noob Lava OP

                  oh.. that message was from mildew. i checked something on his computer and forgot to log out so he accidently sent it from me. so pretend that message was from mildew.
                  • Terrapon16 Member

                    I actualy thought about leaving since i lost the ability protect lava survival and i no longer have the trust of ultima. Which i didnt break any rules! To the logs i did but the people i didnt. the same with everyone else i NEVER saw most of those people spam trees. i no people were on when i made a house of trees they saw i wasnt spamming...
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                    • Terrapon16 Member

                      The point of classic is to be creative. and if the lava is calm y not make a house of trees? Alot of people see the WIERD houses i make. Maybe everyone else was just being creative? -.- I mean like isra said u banned a lot of good players. so isnt likely that some of them r innocent??? Again u didnt see most of us spam u just saw time and numbers. not reasons and innosence. im not attacking im just defending.
                      • bmxfreak23 Member

                        Ok, ill try to defend some peoplpe if i can:
                        • zak2287-he did spawm, but i survived in one of his trees before
                        • JN246-never seen him spam
                        • rockblue2000-saved a lot of people in tower by planting trees
                        • Akos115-saved my hiouse by building a roof on it before lava came
                        • Mr_Mildew-never seen him spm
                        • Terrapon16-never seen hime spam
                        • treesnondy-banned
                        • darkassassin711-never seen him spam
                        • joshhawaii-never seen him spam
                        • chrixter-I tohught he was op?
                        • shanew666-never seen him play
                        • Jonathan_Gustin-never seen him spam
                        • foxie07-never seen him spam
                        • coldarrow73-never seen him spam
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                        • Management

                        _Ultima_ Management

                        I am going to wrap this up.
                        1. You guys say the server laggs.
                        2. I set up rules to fix this and remove a few build commands.
                        3. You guys yell at me for removing build commands because they are getting spammed.
                        4. I set a build command for higher ranks.
                        5. Command keeps getting spammed.
                        6. Go to 3.
                        A endless circle.

                        I can remove all the fun by removing every command except /time.
                        Do you guys want me to do that or what?

                        I am pretty sure that you guys don't want that.
                        Thats why i am breaking this circle by giving a overview of the /tree command.
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                        _Ultima_ Management

                        All of you guys know that abuseing/spamming a command isn't allowed.
                        I warned bunch of times and you guys know i will remove the command when this happens.
                        Matter the fact that a other rule says " Always listen to the staff" witch all of you ignore.
                        Rules are displayed by EVERY login so don't come with i dont know about the rules.

                        The logs are absolete.
                        Everything you say and do are in them.
                        I don't need to see reasons, there are NO reasons to spam trees!

                        You don't trust me? Do i have a reason to trust in you after seeing this?
                        This is lava survival, go play in freebuild if you want to play with houses.

                        This is a example for just 1 command that is beining spammed.

                        Most of the people banned have more than enough money to get atleast back to epicsurvivor.

                        I got nothing to say to the persons that leave the community.
                        I am standing my point.
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                        _Ultima_ Management

                        That isn't suppose to happen, only rank should be affected.

                        Every banned person here can apply for a unban request.
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